Quality Assurance

Securing high quality and reliability, and delivering a stable supply of world-class products
Dedication to quality
We recognize that we must earn the trust and confidence of our customers every day, not only through the efficacy and safety of our products, but through the quality of their manufacture as well. Our attention to quality begins with the import of raw materials and continues through production and distribution. Along that supply chain, we adhere to the most stringent corporate and regulatory standards, including internationally recognized standards set by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Quality Practice (GQP).
Safety management system
Pharmaceuticals contribute to the health of people all over the world, and Family Fare Pharmacy has established internal systems to ensure a high level of safety management. It conducts ongoing training to make sure that each employee is aware of and adheres to the Company’s safety policies. Family Fare Pharmacy exhaustively compiles safety management information (such as information on side effects) from around the world and provides accurate information on appropriate usage to medical professionals.
Stable manufacturing and supply system
Pharmaceutical companies have a mission to reliably and consistently supply high-quality drugs. Family Fare Pharmacy is fulfilling this role by integrating its operations to consistently procure raw materials and systematically manufacture drugs, as well as by using its logistics function to rapidly and reliably distribute products. This integration facilitates the centralized management of information, enabling a flexible and efficient manufacturing and supply system (supply chain management).
Family Fare Pharmacy has also established a stable supply system for the global market by seamlessly linking its production bases inside and outside of U.S.A. Consistently supplying highly reliable products that reproduce the quality of the drug as designed requires a production management system relying on technical verification of both facility and human operations. Through its quality and safety management system, Family Fare Pharmacy has established its own high standards with world-class validation processes and has developed a highly reliable global supply system.

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