Molly (Ecstasy) 150mg capsule

Molly (Ecstasy) 150mg capsules:

Molly (High) Within the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical families, MDMA is an empathogenic substance. Since MDMA is now commonly recognized as “ecstasy,” most people associate it with its street form, although contaminants may also be present.
Online, you may purchase 100 mg of Molly (Ecstasy) capsules without a prescription (no RX).
The cost of the product is per capsule.
The order minimum is 50 capsules.


Molly (Ecstasy) 150mg capsules

  Molly (Ecstasy) 150mg capsule It’s common knowledge that MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine) is a party-and-club drug. It is well known for both its hallucinogenic properties and for elevating mood, vitality, compassion, and sensory sensitivity.
MDMA is typically taken as capsules, but it can also be found as a liquid or powder. MDMA, also referred to as “molly,” is prohibited and uncontrolled in the US. This poses a risk because it makes it exceedingly difficult to know what you’re receiving when you buy or consume molly.

Molly (Ecstasy) 150mg capsules

The recommended dosage for a given session is equal to your weight in kilograms + 50 mg. Molly (Ecstasy) 150mg capsule
The reason we use the “kg + 50” dosage guideline instead is that it’s a fantastic way to maximize our ability to help as many individuals as possible. The weight in kg + 50 is easier to remember and will be a satisfactory dose when combined with real MDMA.1. If you’re willing, the best way to minimize harm would be to take 1.5 mg/kg total for the session—120 mg at most, even for those who are overweight.



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