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Taking a widely used drug with a low-fat breakfast may be more effective than the standard dose taken on an empty stomach.

This medicine is used to treat prostate cancer that cannot be treated with surgery or other medications. It can also be used as an alternative to surgery and other drugs to treat prostate cancer. medicine online

Before taking this medication, the testicles should be surgically removed. Your doctor may also give you a hormone called gonadotropin for treatment with abiraterone, such as the hormone testosterone.

Before you buy this medicine, ask your pharmacist if it is safe to take it with other medications. Tell your doctor that you are taking this medicine at a dose different from the one listed here.

You should also tell him or her if you have taken other medications you have recently taken. Including painkillers such as Tramadol. If your doctors recommend different dosages than those listed here, you may change the way you take this medication without consulting a doctor.


If a patient misses a dose of abiraterone acetate or prednisone, he should take his normal dose the next day. Your doctor may want you to continue Zytiga treatment until the medication is effective, good, and safe.

If you need to reduce your dose, you can stop treatment with tablets containing Abirsater-One-Acetate (see Dosage and administration). Patients do not chew or crush the tablets, but swallow them whole or in water.

If you are unsure what to do if you miss a dose, contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately. Tell your doctors and prescribers that you have taken your normal dose of abiraterone acetate or prednisone or a combination of the two medications.

Tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking and the treatments you are receiving. Including your normal dose of abiraterone acetate or prednisone or a combination of the two medications. T

ell them about any medication you have taken or any treatment you have received. Including any antibiotics, antiretroviral drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs. Or other medications that are of concern to your doctor or pharmacist. Inform your doctor about the medication you are taking or about some medications for which you are receiving treatments.

This should include monomethylobenzodiazepines, monoglycans, thiaminolones, amitriptyline, metronidazole, niacin, diclofenacin and another medication of important importance.


It is important to keep a written list of all prescription and non-prescription medications you are taking.

Do not stop taking the prescribed dose of abiraterone acetate or prednisone without first talking to your doctor. You should not take, stop or stop medication unless you have spoken to the healthcare providers who prescribe acetate.

If you speak to a healthcare provider who prescribes a medication, you can start / stop the medication as soon as possible, but you should never, ever, ever take another medication without your doctor’s permission.

Do not take or take any medication without the doctor’s consent and you may not, never begin or stop taking it until you have spoken to a healthcare provider who has prescribed you an ab iraterOne acetate. drugs online

Before you start treatment with abiraterone acetate. Inform your doctor about all other medications you are taking. Including prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and herbal remedies.

Side Effects

If you have serious side effects that you cannot control, your doctor may reduce your Zytiga dose or stop treatment. Your doctor may decide not to treat you with the medication or to change the other medications you are taking.

If you are taking the medicine, it is especially important to take all the medications listed below.

If you administer, increase your abiraterone acetate dose rate daily from 1000 mg once daily to 2500 mg twice daily or increase it to 1000 mg once daily.

Should you have administered, increase your abiratoroneacetate dose every day One thousand Mg once daily, to 3,200 mg and then to 4,600 mg. You must administer and increase the dose of the drugs with the same frequency as the other medications. But not for all.


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