Codeine 15mg

Codeine (Phosphate) 15mg tablets/pills:
Codeine (Phosphate) is used to alleviate pain or cough. This medication is a narcotic pain reliever and cough suppressant.
Codeine (Phosphate) 15mg pills are available without a prescription (No RX) online.
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Codeine 15mg

Take this medication precisely as your doctor has instructed. Take it no more regularly or frequently and no longer than your doctor prescribes. This is particularly important for older people, who may be more sensitive to the effects of pain relievers. If taken in excess for a lengthy period, this medication may become habit-forming (developing mental or physical dependence) or cause an overdose.
Codeine 15mg
Swallow your codeine tablet whole with a drink of water. Take it with or immediately after a meal or snack to lessen the likelihood of feeling ill.
Although codeine can be taken at any time of day, it is best if you take it at the exact times each day and space your doses equally.
If you take codeine as a liquid, you will be given a plastic spoon or syringe to assist you in measuring the correct amount. You can get one from your pharmacist if you don’t have one. The liquid cannot be correctly measured with a kitchen teaspoon.
If you forget to take a dose, consult the information on the package’s leaflet or consult your pharmacist or doctor for help.
Take only one dose at a time to make up for a missed one.
If you frequently forget to take your medication, setting an alarm may help. You could also seek guidance from your pharmacist on alternative medication remembering methods.


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