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Livudine tablets Oral Solution, used to treat chronic HBV infections, contains a dose of 100 mg per day of oral solution used to treat HIV-1 infections. Patients are advised that it contains only a small amount of laminidase inhibitors. And no more than 10 mg of glycerine. Such as patients with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection or patients with HIV / 1 infection, due to the risk of side effects. Lamivudsine tablets oral solution contains an oral dose of 50 mg / day, which is equivalent to 1.5 mg / day.

To achieve an accurate dosage. It is recommended to use the appropriate recommended dosage instructions. Followed by a dose of 1.5 mg / day of the oral solution Lamivudsine Tablets.


Use this medicine only for the prescribed indication and remember to keep all other medications out of reach of children and never share this medicine with others. Use these medications only as prescribed by the indications. Buy lamivudine tablets online and Keep other medications out of your child’s reach. Always use them in accordance with the instructions on the label. Remember to keep other medications out of the way in each of you and your children and never share these medications with each other. Use these medications only to the prescribed indicators or within the limits of what is possible.


Take your medicine (lamivudine tablets) until you feel better, as your doctor or another doctor tells you. Ask your doctors immediately after taking the 3TC tablets. And Before taking it if you do not believe it is related to the medicine and do not list it on these leaflets. Regardless of whether you are doing better or not.

Side Effects

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about dealing with troubling side effects. You can discuss this with your doctors or pharmacists or refer to the other sections of the annex.

If you have ever taken any of the ingredients listed here, you can take 3TC tablets without any side effects. There are no medications or health problems that interact with medications such as lamivudine tablets. And there is no evidence of any side effects from the use of Lamivudine tablets or other medications or medications.


If you have any questions about your medicine or lamivudine tablets. Furthermore, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist at your local health care provider or medical practice. If you have any side effects that you think are caused by the tablet. You should talk to your doctors or pharmacists immediately.

However, it is important to inform your doctor or health care professional about all medications you are taking. Including over-the-counter and prescription medications. However, if you are buying over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements or herbal remedies. Please ask your pharmacist if they are suitable for use with lamivudine or other medications. Tell your doctors and pharmacists about the side effects of medications you are taking. Such as side effects of epivir or HBV, and tell your prescribers if it is safe for you.


If you avoid medication by taking it, you should be careful with your medicine. Therefore, your doctor and pharmacist have different guidelines on which medications to avoid when taking this medication. If your doctors tell you that your doctors have told you to “stop taking” your 4TC tablet. Or that the tablet has passed its expiration date (or both). Ask your pharmacist what to do with your medicines. If your doctors tell you that your doctors have “discouraged” you from taking their 3 TC tablets. And that they are passing on the expiration dates and tablets to you. Then you must ask their pharmacists what they are doing for the medicines.




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